Grand Master Michael Olivero

Michigan Academy of Martial Arts is headed by Grand Master Instructor Michael Olivero, 8th Dan #14853, a Head Master and Board Member of the WTTSDF. Grand Master Mike Olivero began his martial arts training in his parents' garage by lifting weights with his father, Pat "The Bear" Olivero whose hobby at the time was professional wrestling. Grand Master Olivero's first Asian martial arts training was in Judo at the age of 13. As a youth he continued his Weight Training, Karate, and competitive Judo, earning a brown belt in that style at age 14. By 15 he had heard of a Korean form of martial art and sought out an instructor for himself and his friends. He was introduced to Tang Soo Do and decided that this was the karate style for him. However, not being able to find a school in which to train regularly, he instead joined an Isshinryu school and trained through brown belt.

During his military service after age 24, he became an assistant instructor in Hand to Hand Combat, Escape & Evasion, Self-Defense, Survival Training, Jungle Warfare, Covert Activities, and Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Warfare. After the military, he found Grand Master Jae Joon Kim’s organization while enrolled in a photography class through a
Westland continuing education program.

Grand Master Michael Olivero has studied in the World Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation under Grand Master Jae Joon Kim
since 1973. In 1991 Grand Master Olivero opened a school in the Detroit area where he teaches weekly.